Welcome to Into Grown Women: Accepting…Growing…Becoming

Into Grown Women was created as a platform to discuss what it is to be a Grown Woman. Celebrating the women we individually are, shining light on the women who inspire us, and the women we aspire to be.

From childhood to adolescence, the making of each individual woman is unique: Being a daughter, Sisterhood, Friendship,Womanhood, Motherhood, and so much more.

IGW is a space where we can be free to express yourself, in love and respect. As we share our stories, and embrace our difference as women. This is a No Judgment Zone.

“Being a grown woman is speaking your wisdom. Allowing your experiences to help and teach others. Being a grown woman is owning your vulnerability as strength.” -IGW

Question: What does it mean to be a Grown Women…
How would you define this for yourself?


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Into Grown Women: Accepting…Growing…Becoming

  1. I define Myself as a GROWN WOMAN BECAUSE…. I WAS LEFT IN N.Y.C. AT 14…..Became a young adult too soon!!!! Still grateful!!!! A mother at 23…..Still trying too separate the past from the present!!!! Still hoping for the House with the Picket Fence The love of my life… STILL LIVING WITH THE REALITY THAT I HAVE TOO GO FOR WHAT I KNOW!!! THAT WOULD BE GOD …HONESTY..RESPECT LOYALTY LOVE AND

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