Don’t Give Up!

*Sings Aaliyah’s “Try Again”*

In working on my vision, I’ve encountered moments of self-doubt, “this is too much…I can’t handle all this work”, and “maybe I should wait until I have more time…”.

Learning from the past, I know the price of delaying, and furthermore giving up an idea or project because overwhelming feelings. In my talk therapy I’m learning the breakdown of “thinking, feeling, and behavior”, so I’m working hard to change my thought process to be more productive in my life.

When the thought of “this is too much…” tries to occupy the mind, instead of fighting it, acknowledge it. Maybe it is a lot of work, take time to make a list of what you need to do to complete the task. 

“…I can’t handle all this work”. When we feel stressed we often forget to breathe, take a few breaths, and a break. Sure, maybe everything cannot get done when and how you want it done. Do you know someone or a resource that can assist you? Give someone the opportunity to help out. Follow the path of someone who was in a similar situation in the past, and see how it can help you through.

Pace yourself, make your plans or project a continuous goal. “maybe I should wait until I have more time”, perhaps. But what does it hurt just to start, taking any free moment to work on your mission.

It takes practice, it takes dedication, but if you believe in what you’re working towards…You won’t give up.

*Sings Mariah Carey’s “Hero”*




2 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up!

  1. Great post love! Something I took from this post was give someone the opportunity to help out. I’ve never thought of things in a that sense when it comes to others helping me out when I’m struggling. So thank you for opening my eyes to that!

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