Boss It Up!

In starting “Into Grown Women”, I did not know the amount of work, and dedication it was going to take to maintain a topic blog. All I knew was I had a vision of unity among women, and that crossed out any fear of making it a reality. I thought once the theme was put together everything else would fall into place. Every idea I had would manifest itself, because I took the first step in creating…But learned quickly that’s not how it works.

In being your own boss, and even in taking on new ventures, new responsibilities (if not all responsibilities) are placed upon us. We are the administrators of our lives, creating the order, and setting the tone of how we want to be perceived. And it’s up to us to take charge, of the process in which things get done.

I learned it’s not so much about “what you want to do”, its about what needs to be done. Sometimes mistakes will be made, and we must take time out to adjust our planning of things. Accepting that not everything is going to go the way we want it, and knowing that the little steps we take, make possible our bigger goals and accomplishments.

The beauty in being your own boss is independence, but it’s important to remember why we started on our journeys. For me being accountable for my time, allows me to share in my victories, and uplift others through personal testimony.

Make the schedule, remake the schedule…take things one project at a time, but don’t back burner the process.


“…it’s those people who get involved in community activity, because they understand the need. Not everybody has to feel it, you just understand it. …You’d be surprised what little it takes to start a movement. And the kind of human being I want to be, is if I see an injustice, if it’s in my power […]

Keep in mind

It’s not your responsibility to prove your womanhood to anyone. Why waste time trying to prove that you are indeed a wise, brilliant, divine woman? The reality is that some will sleep on your greatness and others will awaken to the reality that who you are supersedes the expectations.

“Little Bundle of Contradictions”

It took me 15 years to relate to anyone, the feelings of being “different”. Eventhough you’ve passed on before my existence, and even in tragedy, you represent a reason to always choose life…”

When I first heard about Anne Frank I was in elementary school, and her story was presented to us through film. It wasn’t until I was in high school that I got the opportunity to read her diary. And in venturing ahead of the entries, I found a friend.

In “Little bundle of contradictions” Anne expresses her frustration, with her seemingly “dual personality”. I could relate to what she had written, as a child I too was highly active in personality, and also very introverted liking my own time to myself. It was hard for me to accept my differences, and how others viewed my personality as well. But as time passed, and I matured, I eventually learned self-acceptance, and learned to continuously embrace all sides of my being.

I wish I could express to Anne personally how her vulnerability to “Kitty”, helped validate a part of my life. Her candidness, young wisdom, and uplifting spirit, has touched the lives of many.

…Let me tell you friend, things got better. I cannot say too much for the outside world(some things haven’t changed), but most importantly I grow up and out. I learned to embrace more and more, all parts of myself. The silly crazed girl, that laughs and sings on no command. And the “better” me. That part of myself I was so fearful of exposing, based on how precious it was. The part of me that wishes to heal, and be healed, the thinker, the quiet one.

You cannot tell me we don’t live to serve others, to love in our authenticity, to be free…”


Do you know?

Don’t you know the power you hold?

Are you aware of the greatness that resides within you?

All that love, creativity and brilliance is in you.

You are allowed to be both soft and strong.

There is no need to succumb to one definition of womanhood.

You are free to be multidimensional. 

Why wait?

Stop hiding behind the shadow of someone else. Remove this old notion that as a woman you need the permission of a man or perhaps someone in higher authority to live your life. Why wait and settle to be on the back burner cast in someone’s shadow? You’re worth more than that. You’re too special and brilliant to just be settling like that. Don’t ever fall into the trap of thinking you need to wait for something special whether it be some relationship, certain accomplishments, acknowledgment, or love and so on just to be who you are. Remember that who you are is just enough and just as phenomenal. You don’t need anything from the outside to suddenly transform you or give you the green light to just be. Make a choice to stand firm in yourself and just be. Learn to enjoy and make the best of each moment. Continue practicing your craft. Use your voice to speak on what you want to. Learn to enjoy your own company. Go hard for what you desire. Lastly treat yourself even better than you would for your favorite or most memorable lover. You deserve the best. You’re worthy and enough just as you are.