“Home just ain’t home no mo.”

“I mean, dig this. Yo, don’t get it twisted. We vibed on the same wavelength, so it’s hard to believe that it’s only my mind that weighs heavily on her at times and not the other way around…feel me? As if [my mind] subliminally feels her existence that’s so far away from the traces she left on my being. I still hold pieces of her. You know, I’ve never seen a flower run from its roots and survive…in other words, we shared each others’ temples in such a sacred and personal way and yet I’m supposed to just discard these fertile memories like forgotten songs. She needs to remember I touched her too, and (at times) it still feels like just yesterday. But alas “yesterday” has been years ago and I still glance over at the artifacts. The flower with aged and wilted petals, yet its roots still show life. It just needs a new home. Indeed history repeats itself in my cranium and it’s time to purge. Not purge myself of you because at one point you were my all and everything and no amount of betrayal or heartbreak could dispute it. I just really need to purge myself of stumbling blocks that may hinder me from fully loving another..”




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