Get rid of it

Rid yourself of this idea that you need someone to make you who you are.

That you are incomplete and need another to make you whole. You fine just by yourself. 

That you’re insignificant, unworthy, or incapable of delving into a certain realm or field because it’s dominated by men. You can do it just as good as men can. The only difference perhaps is education and experience. Do what you need to do to prepare yourself so that you’re best equipped to enter that realm of your choice. By all means once you’ve done that go for it full force. 

Rid yourself of this idea that you can’t be both vulnerable, strong and a work in progress at different stages of your life. No one is one dimensional and meant to be set in one way in terms of outlook, lifestyle and mindset all the time. You’re allowed the freedom to discover yourself and go through different changes as you’re living. You don’t have to be stuck in one set way.

Forget this idea that beauty comes in one set look. Beauty isn’t synonymous to one set thing or aesethic. The wonderful thing about beauty is that it involves embracing your difference and celebrating yourself and others for how they stand out in addition to what they offer to the table. I mean what good would it be if all of us women behaved the same, dressed the same, and thought the same etc.? Answer: A boring world heading to an end. What I love about us women is that we’re so versatile. Each of us has a different perspective, appearance and mindset along with the gifts each of us possess. All of that sets each of us apart, making us the shining stars and representatives of light that we are and ultimately beautiful in our own right. Forget this idea that you must alter yourself to follow some standard of beauty. No that’s not organic and true to who you are. Be yourself. Love for self for who you are and what sets you apart.

Let go of this idea that you need someone’s live to thrive, live a beautiful life and be fulfilled. You can do all this on your own. Stop seeking love outside. All that you seek outside is either within you already or you will come upon it at some point when you need it. Harness the love within. 


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