Why wait?

Stop hiding behind the shadow of someone else. Remove this old notion that as a woman you need the permission of a man or perhaps someone in higher authority to live your life. Why wait and settle to be on the back burner cast in someone’s shadow? You’re worth more than that. You’re too special and brilliant to just be settling like that. Don’t ever fall into the trap of thinking you need to wait for something special whether it be some relationship, certain accomplishments, acknowledgment, or love and so on just to be who you are. Remember that who you are is just enough and just as phenomenal. You don’t need anything from the outside to suddenly transform you or give you the green light to just be. Make a choice to stand firm in yourself and just be. Learn to enjoy and make the best of each moment. Continue practicing your craft. Use your voice to speak on what you want to. Learn to enjoy your own company. Go hard for what you desire. Lastly treat yourself even better than you would for your favorite or most memorable lover. You deserve the best. You’re worthy and enough just as you are. 


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