Under Construction ⚠️

This is the time to get quiet. Sow time into investing in your growth. Separate yourself from anything that is hindering you whether it be social media or certain associations/relationships. Turn your focus from comparisons to one another and how to keep up your appearance to be more popular to building up yourself(your spirit your inner man). You got to go through different periods in your life in order to grow and learn and be ready to walk into your destiny and what it is that you’ve been set out to do. Not every moment will be easy, comfortable or include the same ppl you started with. Seasons of discomfort are necessary to build you up and get you to that frame of mind accompanied by a certain behavior and certain outlook to enable you to be successful in your life. New seasons are coming and a rebirth(a renewing of your mind, behavior and relationships) aregonna be crucial so that you can flourish. Setting aside time to invest in your growth and learn will only propel you to where you need to be. Once it gets hard don’t give up and succumb to failure and falling away. You’ll only be able to get to where you need to be after you continue to work at it and take the journey for what it is. Rise to the occasion. Accept the challenges and do the necessary work required with the mindset that it is all in preparation for you to get to where you need to and aspire to be in life. 



It takes courage to share your story and be unapologetically yourself. In a world in which we’re constantly judged and picked apart for our beliefs, behaviors and ambitions it’s so easy to get lost. Get lost in people’s expectations and projected destiny in regards to your life and how it should be carried out. It takes time as you grow older to learn who you are and understand yourself. It’s only when you make a conscious effort to do this, separating yourself from the masses: talking, acting and thinking like everyone else will you be able to be who you truly are. Please be aware that the journey to loving and understanding yourself won’t happen over night. The process of development will take time, enjoy it andtake it for what it is. Make sure to question and analyze everything, especially what you believe, what you do and the necessary reasons behind that. Don’t ever just do things because you’ve been instructed to. Lastly try to engage in opportunities that challenge you and allow you to express & practice your gifts (special abilities)… Doing all these overtime should surely create a good path for you to develop and grow. 

Better sense of self

Before seeking out others to understand you why not make the choice to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. As women in society I feel we’re constantly told consciously and unconsciously that we need people of a higher authority, mainly men to give us a stamp of approval and meaning. I just want to tell you please don’t wait for someone to give you meaning. This whole idea of waiting, whether it is for love, fulfillment, happiness etc. in your life is detrimental. It implies that you are incapable of doing anything on your own. 

You weren’t created for the approval of men nor to appeal to their gaze and sense of perspective. This is just a reminder to stop waiting of you are for some man or anyone really to swoop in and change your life and your perspective towards it. You can do that by yourself. Reclaim your personal power. You are free to be who you want and go for what you desire. Feel free to create a safe space for happiness, healing, love and peace in your life. Go for what you want with full gusto. Surely not everyone will love and understand you. Then again not everyone is so easily understood. Not everyone can appreciate fine art (masterpieces) like you. 

I love you to all my readers. Especially those who have yet to fully love and understand themselves. 

Love C. Jacobs

Say NO to abandonment

Her arms might not grace your body nor his.

Surely no more will you feel the touch of those familiar lips across yours.

I understand how you might miss that familiar connection. The joining of two bodies.

Often times we seek to find homes in the bodies of others. Seeking and searching as if our lives depend on it. We lose ourselves in the process. 

With every desperate search comes another compromise and another choice to quiet our voices.. Silence our natural essence. The true beings that live within become buried.

Buried under a mask. One which we craft in the attempt to acquire and keep some partner. One who we feel will love us. Make our bodies like masterpieces. Something we can be proud of and no longer view in disgust. 

Her arms might not grace your body nor his.
Surely no more will you feel the touch of those familiar lips across yours.
I understand how you might miss that familiar connection. The joining of two bodies.

I understand how you might miss that body. Never forget your own body. Surely this is the one that will stick with you forever. It has and always will carry you. It is your temple your home. One with which you should love and feel comfortable in. 

Enjoy it and treat it good. Don’t abandon your own body in the search of another to call home. Don’t contort yourself in the hopes of finding love. Never abandon your natural essence for it makes you the beautiful special being that you are. Make a conscious choice to love yourself. Don’t abandon your body(who you are) for love. It it comes to your body or the love of another choose your body always… 

A letter of love

Don’t believe anyone who says that your story (your past) is the ultimate defining factor for your life. The person you were in the past isn’t the same person reading this. No matter what transpires you still change over time. Remember that your past, your current circumstance nor your future is a determinant of your worth (value), your gift(s) (special talent(s) you possess ) or your sense of worth. No matter what just know you are loved. You are worthy of all things good. You’re smart in your own way. You’re precious and your life matters. Your presence on this earth is significant. You are more than a waste of spaceWith lots of love,

I love you if you haven’t yet come to fall in love with yourself yet. I hope you will one day.

-C. Jacobs 💕

She loves like freedom

She loves like freedom
Like love is salvation
Because love is salvation

And to know her is to know love
You’d want to be all wrapped up in what she’s giving
A listening ear
Patient hands
and thriving heart
She finds the light in the dark
Has the ability to bring out your best parts
Daughter, sister, friend, lover
She protects what she cares for
Takes strength from her battle scars
She’s a warrior
Still fragile enough to need you
So don’t misuse her

She loves like the freedom you need
The salvation you seek
She is love.