I want you to keep pushing forward, to keep your eyes set on your worth and how to bring more value to yourself. Whether that is through working out, reading a book, taking a day to just indulge in some harmless vanities like shopping, playing with make up, dressing up, or simply just turning on a candle and unwinding  with some jazz and a glass of wine.
I want you to focus on any new projects you have and look for the silver lining in any obstacle that may come your way in the process, I want you to know that the hype isn’t real, I want you to know that Beyonce would be lucky to have you in her crew because you’re just as amazing as she is or anyone else surrounding her.
I want to encourage you to make time to study a new skill and become a master at it. Seek not for celebrity and status, but for mastery and value.
-Victoria Nathaly Garcia

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