Better sense of self

Before seeking out others to understand you why not make the choice to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. As women in society I feel we’re constantly told consciously and unconsciously that we need people of a higher authority, mainly men to give us a stamp of approval and meaning. I just want to tell you please don’t wait for someone to give you meaning. This whole idea of waiting, whether it is for love, fulfillment, happiness etc. in your life is detrimental. It implies that you are incapable of doing anything on your own. 

You weren’t created for the approval of men nor to appeal to their gaze and sense of perspective. This is just a reminder to stop waiting of you are for some man or anyone really to swoop in and change your life and your perspective towards it. You can do that by yourself. Reclaim your personal power. You are free to be who you want and go for what you desire. Feel free to create a safe space for happiness, healing, love and peace in your life. Go for what you want with full gusto. Surely not everyone will love and understand you. Then again not everyone is so easily understood. Not everyone can appreciate fine art (masterpieces) like you. 

I love you to all my readers. Especially those who have yet to fully love and understand themselves. 

Love C. Jacobs


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