Keep in Mind

You are loved.

Your presence on this Earth is definitely needed. 

Please don’t hide your light and succumb to thinking that you’re not enough and won’t ever amount to anything. 


Our Herstory: Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what I see from our stories, Herstory. Womanhood is beautiful, we are multidimensional, and that always has to be reinforced.

Queens in all our differences, and our adversities
More than our limitations, and our achievements
We constantly have to show up for ourselves
The nurturers, the protectors
Survivors, not asking permission
Know it’s our right to present ourselves
To love freely in this world
We take back our power
I’m in love with us. I’m in love with being a woman. Courageous, beautiful, magnificent.

“Taking risk, and making sacrifices, for the betterness of Self and the generation to come. Being the ultimate caretakers and givers, to ensure the safety of the ones we love.”
-On being a Grown Woman and History


There’s a vast wealth of knowledge in the world. You have to be willing to expand yourself in the sense that you have to leave your comfort zone and be willing to be uncomfortable for a while to be willing to learn. Seek those who know what you don’t know but wish to. Gravitate to those who are doing or are on a path to doing what it is that you wish to. The information you need or the connections you need to move forward aren’t going to come to you. You need to go out and seek them. Until you make the conscious decision to break the shell you’re life won’t change. 
Bottom line: Do you want to live the common life of the masses: thinking, acting and receiving the same or do you want to live a life that is uncommon and unique? The choice is yours, just be mindful of your decisions. Think critically with the intent of how you wish to live your life. Question everything always.

Finding your voice

I went to a Women’s Leadership Conference this evening. It was lovely to be in the presence of fellow women of various backgrounds and different accomplishments that they’ve made in their lives. I was able to connect with and discover other women who shard similar interests either in the arts or inquiring about finding their identity. It was such a necessary experience for me at this point in my life as I’m trying  to discover who I am as a woman. I learned how crucial it is to seek a mentor or at least a community that which one can learn and grow as a women. I inquired about finding one’s voice and or identity in a time and place in which one hasn’t solidified confidence yet. The constant answer that I was told was to take risks and partake in different things in an attempt to grow. I’ve learned that the process of growth in addition to finding oneself as a woman in society involves gradual steps and a building up of different interactions etc.