…Success is simple a matter of getting up after you’ve had a perceived letdown. It’s a result of persistence and sometimes we need to sit quite and listen to our inner voice and allow ourselves the time to grow and sprout even in the darkest of times….

(Inspiring words from Luci McMonagle )


Who you looking cute for?

Your beauty is not for male consumption. How you look has nothing to do with how well you can please or satisfy a man. Don’t believe those lies that they feed you. Your body is yours: enjoy it, decorate it how you wish, protect it and honor it as it pleases you. Remember you don’t have to conform to a man’s idea of beauty. Please unlearn the idea that you are obliged to fulfill man’s unrealistic ideal in regards to how you must appear in this world. Seek to find comfort and beauty in your body for YOU and own it. Owning yourself and loving yourself just as you are is your personal power.