You’re doing yourself a disservice dumbing yourself down for someone else. There is no reason why you should be diluting your greatness and all that you are in the hope that you will be able to attract and keep somebody. If that person can’t simply understand and take you for who you are then they probably not cut out for that role of being your partner. It’s not your job to change yourself to try to force the possibility of something happening or increase the sustainability of something lasting that is obviously dying and hanging on a loose thread.

Stand firm in your greatness and all that you are. Stand by what you believe and stand for. If you have to be alone during the process, there is nothing wrong with that.  Learn to enjoy the journey.
Take the time to discover and learn about yourself, grow and heal in the respective areas that need your attention, master the skills you need to elevate ultimately develop yourself. Have your own party. Build your own house and enjoy it before going and dragging yourself through the mud when you don’t even need to just for companionship.

Sending you all peace, love and blessings.

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