Age Does Not Make Us Grown

Have you ever met someone who is currently still living with their childhood demons as an adult? Maybe it’s your mom or dad. A close friend. Or even YOU.

You continue to seek validation when you make major changes or decisions in your life. Because you feel you aren’t good enough to follow your own lead for whatever reason.

And that’s okay. Yeah. I said it’s okay. However, remaining that way isn’t my dear.

In order to become comfortable on your path, you must make stops along the way to help/better yourself. Go get therapy. Talk it out with someone. Put effort into changing how you see yourself daily. Trust in your soul.

Before we set out to accomplish anything in this life, we have to be able to face our true self and we cannot do that if we are allowing past demons to block us from loving ourselves to the full capacity we deserved to be loved.

So my dear, my New Year’s wish is for you to always fully embrace you because you may not have anyone else but you will always have YOU.