Know the Truth

You are worthy of a whole love, a love consistently showing itself to be real. Anything half,or less than, will not suffice.


Who you looking cute for?

Your beauty is not for male consumption. How you look has nothing to do with how well you can please or satisfy a man. Don’t believe those lies that they feed you. Your body is yours: enjoy it, decorate it how you wish, protect it and honor it as it pleases you. Remember you don’t have to conform to a man’s idea of beauty. Please unlearn the idea that you are obliged to fulfill man’s unrealistic ideal in regards to how you must appear in this world. Seek to find comfort and beauty in your body for YOU and own it. Owning yourself and loving yourself just as you are is your personal power.

Do you know?

Don’t you know the power you hold?

Are you aware of the greatness that resides within you?

All that love, creativity and brilliance is in you.

You are allowed to be both soft and strong.

There is no need to succumb to one definition of womanhood.

You are free to be multidimensional. 

Fall In Love If You Will

My love is victory after a year of defeats
Stormy weather rain with a rainbow at the end of it’s setting
My love is bright
To bright to look at like the sun
So you *close your eyes “Cool…”
Like the overachieving after hours mischief
“I didn’t know you had that in you”
My love is duplex.
My love is no longer an apology
Silence of fears
Passive yes and no
My love is no longer too Big to share
Or too Small to keep safe
It fits comfortably in me.
If you will love love honest
Like your favorite meal
If you will love love respectfully
Like the lyrics to your favorite song
If you will love love accepting
Like the size of your shoes
If you will love love first
Like you.

PSA (Validation from men)

Often in this patriarchal society each of us as women are taught over time that we need the validation of a man to make us. This regarding to our thoughts, aspirations, our voice or whatever project we might be working on. I can remember countless times I’ve come across me both in my family and at home who you’ve belittled me. They’ve lead me to belittle that my ideas and goals are ridiculous. It’s a shame I see men who are always encouraged to do whatever they please or aspire to but when it comes to us women people are so quick to label us and box us into a certain realm or sector. The masses mainly men are so quick to tell us what we can and cannot do with our bodies, with our goals, what we say and how we say it. Just remember that you are capable of anything you aspire to do. Don’t look to a man to affirm your idea and give it his stamp of approval. That is unecessary. Stand firm in yourself, who you are and what you aspire to do with your life. Embrace your voice and who you are. 

Each of us are special

Your womanhood is not a contract that needs to be solidified

It is not nor will it ever be something you need to prove
Your womanhood is not a measure of how many people desire you

How many children you bear or raise

How well you can keep a home by cooking or cleaning

Your womanhood is not a contract that needs to be solidified 

You don’t need to fit a certain aesthetic 

Your body doesn’t need to be a certain size

All breasts, hips and thighs are welcome

Tiger stripes too

 Those natural lines aren’t a must

So don’t worry just come as you are

Embrace yourself for the woman that you’ve become

Work to live your best life

Take care of YOU first

Invest time in resting

Develop  your thoughts and beliefs 

Choose to  love yourself wholeheartedly 

Your womanhood is not a contract that needs to be solidified 

You are enough just as you are

Remember every woman is important