For how long?

For how long will you wait?

Wait to be told that 

you are enough

you are worthy

you are loved

you amount to something

that you can do anything and everything

Tell me how long will you wait?

Wait to be filled with happiness and satisfaction

For people to come in and make the changes you so afraid of doing your self

How long you gonna wait?

For someone to complete you

Show you that you’re brilliant, gifted and breathtaking 

That you’re special and born with a purpose

How long you waiting?

Who you waiting for?

Who lied and told you to put your life on hold in anticipation ?

Who lied and told you that it was necessary to wait?

Aren’t you aware that all you have been waiting for someone else to do you can do on your own?

So you still gon wait?


Say NO to abandonment

Her arms might not grace your body nor his.

Surely no more will you feel the touch of those familiar lips across yours.

I understand how you might miss that familiar connection. The joining of two bodies.

Often times we seek to find homes in the bodies of others. Seeking and searching as if our lives depend on it. We lose ourselves in the process. 

With every desperate search comes another compromise and another choice to quiet our voices.. Silence our natural essence. The true beings that live within become buried.

Buried under a mask. One which we craft in the attempt to acquire and keep some partner. One who we feel will love us. Make our bodies like masterpieces. Something we can be proud of and no longer view in disgust. 

Her arms might not grace your body nor his.
Surely no more will you feel the touch of those familiar lips across yours.
I understand how you might miss that familiar connection. The joining of two bodies.

I understand how you might miss that body. Never forget your own body. Surely this is the one that will stick with you forever. It has and always will carry you. It is your temple your home. One with which you should love and feel comfortable in. 

Enjoy it and treat it good. Don’t abandon your own body in the search of another to call home. Don’t contort yourself in the hopes of finding love. Never abandon your natural essence for it makes you the beautiful special being that you are. Make a conscious choice to love yourself. Don’t abandon your body(who you are) for love. It it comes to your body or the love of another choose your body always… 

A letter of love

Don’t believe anyone who says that your story (your past) is the ultimate defining factor for your life. The person you were in the past isn’t the same person reading this. No matter what transpires you still change over time. Remember that your past, your current circumstance nor your future is a determinant of your worth (value), your gift(s) (special talent(s) you possess ) or your sense of worth. No matter what just know you are loved. You are worthy of all things good. You’re smart in your own way. You’re precious and your life matters. Your presence on this earth is significant. You are more than a waste of spaceWith lots of love,

I love you if you haven’t yet come to fall in love with yourself yet. I hope you will one day.

-C. Jacobs 💕

She loves like freedom

She loves like freedom
Like love is salvation
Because love is salvation

And to know her is to know love
You’d want to be all wrapped up in what she’s giving
A listening ear
Patient hands
and thriving heart
She finds the light in the dark
Has the ability to bring out your best parts
Daughter, sister, friend, lover
She protects what she cares for
Takes strength from her battle scars
She’s a warrior
Still fragile enough to need you
So don’t misuse her

She loves like the freedom you need
The salvation you seek
She is love.



“Question Everything”

She told us to ‘question everything’. And at the time I thought she simply meant authority, but it’s proven to be so much more than that.”

Ms. Lloyd was my 8th grade teacher at Bronx Writing Academy “The pen is mightier than the sword”. She was our Home Room teacher, and also taught Math and Science. Ms. Lloyd was a beautiful individual, who cared to share life lessons through her teaching. There was the Erykah Badu song “On & On” , “I was born under water with 3 dollars and 6 dimes. Yeah you might laugh ’cause you did not do your math”, used to convey a math problem. And the John Legend song “Ordinary People”, as we celebrated the end of the school year, and her reflection on our class (we were a handful).

It’s been a good 10 years since I’ve seen Ms. Lloyd, and one thing she taught us that stood out the most, was to question everything. If ever we had a concern about something question it, and make our voices heard. In my years growing up since then, I’ve learned it’s okay to stand by your own opinion, it’s okay to have your own vision and to know what you want to do with your life, and to go against the grain.

There have been times in my student, work, and personal life were I kept quiet not wanting to cause friction, and the end result was settling for less than what was deserved. Or in some situations, allowing mistakes and misunderstandings to be made, not thinking I had the power to correct things. I learned the importance in being your own advocate, and why it’s equally important to question the events around you.

In this life we’re all trying to make decisions, that will assist in our bettering. Having the confidence or assurance to question our own actions, keeps us true to our own personal values and morals. Why do we participate in the activities we do ? Is it driven by a loving passion, or something just to show off ?Or the friends and acquaintances we keep, do these individuals genuinely support us through life changes, or do we have to continuously seek them out?

In a world where it’s easier to follow suit, and conform, I was fortunate to be blessed with an educator like Ms. Lloyd. If by any chance she sees this, I just want to say “Thank You”. Thank you for always being there for a quick conversation, with a overzealous teen girl, and not making her feel bothersome when I felt misunderstood. And thank you for planting a seed, in myself and the rest of my classmates to always go for our best.


Get rid of it

Rid yourself of this idea that you need someone to make you who you are.

That you are incomplete and need another to make you whole. You fine just by yourself. 

That you’re insignificant, unworthy, or incapable of delving into a certain realm or field because it’s dominated by men. You can do it just as good as men can. The only difference perhaps is education and experience. Do what you need to do to prepare yourself so that you’re best equipped to enter that realm of your choice. By all means once you’ve done that go for it full force. 

Rid yourself of this idea that you can’t be both vulnerable, strong and a work in progress at different stages of your life. No one is one dimensional and meant to be set in one way in terms of outlook, lifestyle and mindset all the time. You’re allowed the freedom to discover yourself and go through different changes as you’re living. You don’t have to be stuck in one set way.

Forget this idea that beauty comes in one set look. Beauty isn’t synonymous to one set thing or aesethic. The wonderful thing about beauty is that it involves embracing your difference and celebrating yourself and others for how they stand out in addition to what they offer to the table. I mean what good would it be if all of us women behaved the same, dressed the same, and thought the same etc.? Answer: A boring world heading to an end. What I love about us women is that we’re so versatile. Each of us has a different perspective, appearance and mindset along with the gifts each of us possess. All of that sets each of us apart, making us the shining stars and representatives of light that we are and ultimately beautiful in our own right. Forget this idea that you must alter yourself to follow some standard of beauty. No that’s not organic and true to who you are. Be yourself. Love for self for who you are and what sets you apart.

Let go of this idea that you need someone’s live to thrive, live a beautiful life and be fulfilled. You can do all this on your own. Stop seeking love outside. All that you seek outside is either within you already or you will come upon it at some point when you need it. Harness the love within. 

Things to ponder

“Know your worth and add taxes to it.”

Devote time to discovering yourself.

Learn what you want and desire.

Invest time in learning & figuring out what you believe and why.

Live the life you want to live. Don’t live hoping to fulfill someone’s expectation for you or to prove someone’s perception of you as false. Live for you. 

Don’t let people into your space who don’t respect and honor you for who you are and what you can bring to the table. 

Fall In Love If You Will

My love is victory after a year of defeats
Stormy weather rain with a rainbow at the end of it’s setting
My love is bright
To bright to look at like the sun
So you *close your eyes “Cool…”
Like the overachieving after hours mischief
“I didn’t know you had that in you”
My love is duplex.
My love is no longer an apology
Silence of fears
Passive yes and no
My love is no longer too Big to share
Or too Small to keep safe
It fits comfortably in me.
If you will love love honest
Like your favorite meal
If you will love love respectfully
Like the lyrics to your favorite song
If you will love love accepting
Like the size of your shoes
If you will love love first
Like you.

“Home just ain’t home no mo.”

“I mean, dig this. Yo, don’t get it twisted. We vibed on the same wavelength, so it’s hard to believe that it’s only my mind that weighs heavily on her at times and not the other way around…feel me? As if [my mind] subliminally feels her existence that’s so far away from the traces she left on my being. I still hold pieces of her. You know, I’ve never seen a flower run from its roots and survive…in other words, we shared each others’ temples in such a sacred and personal way and yet I’m supposed to just discard these fertile memories like forgotten songs. She needs to remember I touched her too, and (at times) it still feels like just yesterday. But alas “yesterday” has been years ago and I still glance over at the artifacts. The flower with aged and wilted petals, yet its roots still show life. It just needs a new home. Indeed history repeats itself in my cranium and it’s time to purge. Not purge myself of you because at one point you were my all and everything and no amount of betrayal or heartbreak could dispute it. I just really need to purge myself of stumbling blocks that may hinder me from fully loving another..”



“realist romantic”

“Mmm, the prototype of such majestic stature, the far-fetched imagery of this fictional love child bore from the desolate marrow of my desire.

Your foreign touch was all it took to ascend me to my Mercury, a place throned at the summit of my solace..

You, possessing the waking aroma of coffee in the morning, the Columbian Arabica kind..

This caffeinated nirvana hit me harder when our eyes greeted nervously yet endowed in this peculiar giddiness and anxiousness–no, no turn of a key could unhinge this spell.

Absolutely not.

Not when we’ve already transcended to a paradise faraway that knows no night or day, only the here and now of this surreal encounter.”